About Us

Mount Vernon’s 1st Recreational Cannabis Shop!

Cannarex opened its doors back on September 12th, 2014 to the City of Mount Vernon.  From that day on, our mission was to find quality cannabis at reasonable prices for our valued customers.  We strive to provide excellent customer service with a knowledgeable staff to make your shopping experience at Cannarex specifically tailored to what you are searching for, making your visit more personal, professional, and fun!


We carry over 100 strains of top tier quality, competitive, & cost-effective options of:
•Cannabis flower
•Pre-rolled joints
•Concentrates including: oil cartridges, wax, shatter, and rosin


We also specialize and have an outstanding selection of paraphernalia ranging from glass pipes, water pipes, dab rigs to vaporizers, batteries and everything in between such as papers, grinders, containers, lighters and accessories.

 •All tourists and locals are welcome.  Must be 21+ to enter or you’ll be eaten….. alive!
•Se habla español.
•We receive cannabis products from State-certified and lab tested suppliers.
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